Adult Dental Care

The key to keeping your smile healthy throughout your adult life is to maintain good oral hygiene. Oftentimes the older a patient gets the more restorative procedures they receive. Bridges, partials, crowns, and implants all require routine upkeep. Periodontal problems are more frequent in those areas which, if left untreated, could eventually lead to the loss of a tooth. Therefore regular checkup appointments should not be avoided.

Regular dental checkups are vital throughout your adult life. And they are not just for people with existing teeth. After all teeth are lost it is still important to visit your dentist. During your routine exam the doctor can spot dental conditions, such as oral cancer or sores from improperly fitting dentures, and treat them before they turn into severe problems.

Our practice performs numerous full mouth restorations including crowns, bridges and partial/full dentures. All of our efforts are aimed at bringing back your healthy youthful smile.

Crowns & Bridges: Dr. Dounski takes special interest in crown and bridge restorations, especially when patients are looking for superior aesthetics. He works directly with several top-quality dental laboratories to design and create stunning results. We work hard to match the color, shade and shape of your existing teeth.

Partial & Full Dentures: Dr. Dounski can provide you with several treatment options if you are not completely satisfied with your current dentures. Advances in the dental field have made implant supported dentures accessible to almost all patients. The procedure allows you to obtain a stronger bond because the denture simply snaps into place with the help of the implants. This forever eliminates the need to use denture adhesives and other bonding agents.

Dental restorations do not have to be unsightly, painful or uncomfortable!

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