Painless Dentistry

Dr. Dounski understands that dental anxiety is a common occurrence therefore he provides numerous options for you to experience painless dentistry.

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Laughing gas has been used in medicine and dentistry for over 100 years. In our office it is used as an additional anesthetic to calm and relax an anxious patient. When the gas is inhaled it lowers the level of pain sensitivity in patients while putting them in a relaxed state. After the gas is administered a local anesthetic could be given to begin treatment. After the treatment is completed patients are given pure oxygen to neutralize the effects of the nitrous oxide.

Topical Benzocaine (Numbing Gel)

Topical anesthetics are used to numb the gum before an injection is given. The anesthetic comes in gel or spray form. The solution is sprayed on or applied with a q-tip a minute before the injection is given to allow for the numbing effect to take place. For added pleasure we offer many different flavors such as pina colada and cherry.

CompuDent Wand

Painful injections are usually caused by shots that are delivered too quickly. The wand is a state of the art anesthetic delivery system which slows down the release of the anesthetic and controls the area to which it is delivered. The Wand allows for a comfortable, pain free injection by delivering the anesthetic with computerized control. It is great to use on kids and anxious adults because it does not look or feel like a syringe which virtually eliminates injection fear.