Dental Technology

At River Road Dental we strive to provide our patients with the latest technology and techniques in the dental field. Technology has aided Dr. Dounski in taking care of diagnostic challenges through the use of AcuCam intra-oral camera and digital x rays. The intra-oral camera provides clear, colored, digital images of your teeth and gums. This helps us detect any crack or fracture lines in your tooth as well as any lesions or infections on the gum. Digital x-rays are used to minimize patient radiation exposure by up to 80% which makes it safe and quick. With Digital x-rays patient can see fractures or decay on an x-ray on our computer screen.

We also provide our patients with Consult-Pro patient education program which enables us to better explain the different treatment options available. Consult-Pro has various computerized videos explaining all dental conditions and treatment options available for them. After viewing the patient education videos a patient is more aware of what treatment is being performed and can make an informed decision regarding treatment. EagleSoft, our dental software, allows us to instantly pull up your treatment and diagnostic history which helps us to track the progress of any dental problems. Additionally, we are able to present you with detailed treatment plans and payment options so that you are better prepared to address the financial portion of your treatment.

Dr. Dousnki keeps up with the latest technology, always offering his patients the very best in dental care. Please click here to find out how technological advances have helped us make dentistry nearly painless.